Growing practices

Sustainably growing beyond expectations

In addition to Fair Trade Certification, we have long been recognized by Empresa Socialmente Responsable for our sustainability measures, with respect to conserving resources and reducing waste wherever possible.

Our efforts include reservoirs and technology to conserve water, the development of green spaces, the use of bicycles instead of motorized vehicles for onsite transportation, as well as solar panels and heat-exchange technology to moderate greenhouse and packhouse temperatures.

We understand the impact of agriculture on the planet and we’re committed to contributing in a positive way toward the well-being of the earth that sustains all of us.

Ideal conditions

Greenhouse vegetables (like the people who grow them) thrive in an ideal environment and outshine their field-grown counterparts. Our plants are watered, nurtured and grown to the very best of their potential.
We take advantage of the microclimates offered in each of our locations to efficiently extend our growing season.

Nature knows best

We take cues from nature, introducing friendly insects to help control any unfriendly ones, and delivering the ideal nutrition to our plants as they reach toward the sky and yield bright, sweet bell peppers and mini peppers, and cool, crunchy long English style cucumbers through the season.

Carefully hand-picked

Every pepper and cucumber is nurtured and removed from its vine by a gentle hand, transported quickly and carefully across our property to be washed, sorted and packed to maintain its pristine appearance and robust flavor all the way to the market.

Greenhouse grown beyond expectations

Sweet bell peppers

Look for Divemex peppers sold individually and in convenient bags of varied assortments, including red-only and “traffic light” packs of red, yellow and orange or green.

Conventional, Organic, Fair Trade & Fair Trade Organic

Mini peppers

Our sweet mini peppers are vibrant and crunchy and can be found in handy varied weight pouch bags.

Conventional, Organic, Fair Trade & Fair Trade Organic

Long English cucumbers

Crisp greenhouse-grown cucumbers are individually-wrapped and available November through April.

Conventional & Fair Trade

Organically growing beyond expectations

In 2017, we opened a new, exclusively organic pepper greenhouse facility in Ahualulco, Jalisco. With organics also growing in Etzatlan, now nearly half of our annual harvest is organically certified—and growing. Organics are popular and we understand why: We all feel better when we know where, how and by whom our food is grown.

About Us

We're growing beyond expectations

In 1993 the de Saracho and Beckmann families built the first hydroponic greenhouse in Mexico, and soon after, the Divemex brand was born. Today Divemex represents more than 400 hectares—4 million cases of winter vegetables, making them one of North America’s largest growers of premium peppers and cucumbers.

Of course we didn’t stop there. We knew that our peppers would require incredible people to grow them, so we put a tremendous amount of energy into creating a modern work environment that is truly second to none.

Beyond being the first North American pepper grower to be Fair Trade Certified, we have many corporate and worker-directed initiatives that improve people’s livelihoods and futures.

Thousands of our workers and families benefit from medical, optical (everything from eye glasses to cataract surgery), dental, and child care in addition to a scholarship program that has helped over one thousand people cover education-related expenses like transportation, books and university tuition.

Many who grow, pick and pack our produce have relocated from smaller villages to work with us, so we created “Como en Casa” to make life at Divemex feel like home, including comfortable, private living spaces, pleasant recreational areas, and other initiatives to create a sense of community.

In Etzatlan, where team members live in a nearby town, a home improvement program enables them to build additional rooms, insulate roofs, update plumbing, and other additions that allow for clean and comfortable living.

Together, our people combine unparalleled technical, marketing and agricultural expertise—and a great deal of heart—to create one of Mexico’s strongest and most remarkable produce brands.
And we couldn’t be prouder.

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Growing beyond expectations

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